Existentialist Contemplation.

Stick to your guns or sell out? A common dilemma that transcribes and disfigures all.

A few years back I was in the anti-sellout category. Yes, shoot me for being a cross over, maybe? But time and again the prevailing trend catches up and no longer you’re a part of the elitist club any more. Funny it is, how you wont even realize that now you’re on the ‘Other’ side. I wonder about the thought that drives us to stick to what we think is right. How a maligned notion is what we carry across and how reality could easily bend it all.

Figuratively speaking DIY is cool, fringes are in, taking your dog to a saloon, getting yourself a tattoo or heck, just blowing your hair while cruising along Marine Drive. Urge Overkill? That’s what i would say. Its nothingness that really moves the empty space within. Get that thrill, and then what?

As the existentialist philosopher Jean Paul Satre puts it, its this very state of nothingness that gives us a state of free will. Will to choose, to empower, to dethrone, to Do. But this free will gets distorted, stretched and maligned by the decisions we make in the real world. So say your little round-the-world-trip fantasy gets murdered by the budget that binds you to home-ground. There, Snap!

So choices are nothing but reconciliations. The little lies we tell ourselves. Cause really, we never know what it would turn out to be in the long run. For now, we need to rationalize. To explain. But for the moment, you rest as you know this is the most logical thing to do. And what you cant? “Oh that was irrational, we certainly can’t be doing this, you know.” Or as Satre puts it conscious decisions suffer from a lack of individual freedom of thought.

Here lies the question. Be the trailblazer, stick to your guns and surprise them all? Or rather, just paint a physical portrait beautiful for others to see, but basically a Sellout? In Contemplation.


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