Self Righteousness: How correct are you Really?

Interestingly, we as individuals are propelled to push our viewpoints. We are, from the beginning of time inspired, coaxed and made to believe that if you have a point, well put it across. Push for your dreams, ideas and not the very least yourself.
However, it makes me wonder if sometimes we get driven to a point when our foolish convictions get the better of us? There are times when one may not really be politically correct yet forced to push for change. Maybe, we are living someone else’s dreams pawning them off as our own. Come to think of it, isn’t our very own Indian society full of examples to cite? Offspring living their parents dreams of pursuing certain careers, making the obvious choices and playing it safe. Of course no one would like to stand out like the arrogant cousin or child in the preposterous tea party.
So where really do we draw the line? There are a set of people who are just plain Narcissistic. Like a former boss who would keep asking, “Am I right or Am I right?”. No, this is not a brandishing for him. But there are a whole bunch of people who quite simply believe they have a richer set of experiences and granting the exposure of situations they have endured they just know more than most people. Maybe some might just be like the megalomaniac Cartman from South Park!
But, looking back in philosophy to present a more sound argument we trace back to Freud. The proposition he made was that being narcissistic is just about not conforming to societal norms. Sprouting from the state of Ego, this had its ramifications in the deep seated mental beliefs people had cultivated about society. Basing that arts and mythical facts came in to being due to individuals who believed they had a clearer understanding than most. Thus narcissism isn’t such a bad thing after all.
Self righteousness is a good quality to have, provided you can back up your arguments with logical stands. Now, the fine line dividing between how coherent is your thinking with that of the intellectually sound is just a matter of perception!

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