For the Love of Autorickshaws

Autos in Mumbai. You just can’t do without them. Once you’ve overcome the ordeal of fiercely chasing down one and demanding that they take you where you’re heading (else you can threaten, “I’ll report this number plate to the RTO”), the journey has just begun.
However, there are two polar opposites when it comes to the driver. 
One set rides to the tune of Louis Armstrong’s “What a wonderful world”. These charlies will take their sweet time, humming to the tune of gentle wind across their face as they revel in the beauty of the city passing by. While I, the victim of madness that chaotic city life will implore him to speed up to just catch up with a red signal in time. And they wear you out…
The other set lives life in the fast lane. Pseudo Rajnikants will emulate Nicholas Cage from “Gone in 60 Seconds”. Here, you would keep telling them, “Bhaiya, dhyan se”. Yes, but they will catch up with the green signal, help you get on that train in time and well, the fares will be lower too.
So while I the consumer wont be really able to figure that who would take which route, it makes me think over life as well. That it’s pretty much like the journey in life. We wont really know how fast paced or slow a particular path that we take up may turn out to be. Be it the fast paced project that you were put on or those long unending lectures in college/training sessions, or the finely crafted gourmet meal versus the spicy vadapav from a roadside stall. Discretion even if advised would help little or none in these cases. Therefore be it life or just something as casual as a rickshaw ride, all one has to do is to take it as it comes without much thought to what’s actually going on. Reality is an illusion and whatever it maybe, it won’t last forever(or until the next turn)!

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