Karma Vs Fate

You know, there are those times when one doesn’t really understand the cause of all the suffering or happiness that people go through. Generally, following responses are thrown up:

1. Fate
2. Karma
3. Fate/Karma
Now, the third one simply doesn’t exist. Its always the fate and karma working in a unique synergy through space time to ensure that everything eventually balances out and falls in place. While it may get confusing for some, its pretty simple when broken down to bits.
So, lets presume its a lazy day and you don’t have much to do. A typical thought would be to grab a coffee, call someone up or just immerse yourself in pure indulgence. Karma, is in action here. Any action, thought or words spoken invoke karma. It’s said that even if you’re thinking of doing something and may actually not really go ahead and materialize it to action, the thought itself is karma. This puts in context my readings of books like Power of the Subconscious Mind, The Secret etc, which harp on the Universal Law of Attraction and the power of thinking positive thoughts. Sometimes, it’s not even important to think of how you’d achieve something, since all you need to do is visualize the same. Which kind of makes me wonder about Visions. Those brilliant flashes of insight or visions could also be energy materializing in forms to show us what lies ahead. 
Fate, on the other hand is what options lay in front of us. Though these would be fed by past karma and the ramifications of past lives. For instance, a newborn inherits a certain path or way of life. If it turns out to be bleak, then what action (Karma) lead him/her to it? It’s fate that was propelled by Karma. While we may not be in complete control of it, Fate is truly the culmination of our own actions over time.
Here we stand at this crossroad, with Fate and Karma working in tandem to an extent that it’s difficult to really attribute ones success or failure to each. There is a unique theory that says that all of this living energy is powered by memories. Memories with fragments so frail that they rest within our conscience that travels through time and space to keep balancing the good and bad. But then, how really do we know when we are doing something that could eventually be for a greater good?
Simple as scriptures put it. Any action that requires more than one person to complete is generally good, for e.g. kindness, sharing, empathy etc. While any action that leads to an individualistic sense of pleasure could be leading anywhere, for e.g. ego, power, greed etc. The choice of our actions truly determines our future and the actions pertaining to it. Hence, take it slow thinking it out loud in the head to discover and unlock the true potential of your conscience.

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