Why I ditched the iPhone?

Slide to Unlock. Slide to Reply. Now, that’s what i don’t like. All i can do is Slide? Better still, what if don’t like sliding to the right. What if people who are ‘Left of the Center’ like to slide to the left?
iOS known for its highly stable nature is no doubt the platform for people who want an intuitive interface along with Apps that won’t keep crashing frequently. Given that, Apps generally look beautiful on iOS. Considering the seething pains it takes for a developer to come up with an app that is visually appealing and meeting the requirements to get their app listed on iOS, I’d give it to them for the seamless look and consistency. 
However, unlocking a screen to see the same set of Apps. The same type of silky smooth flow across screens. The mundane and bleak (though beautiful) screen just got to me. What if i don’t want to see the same apps? What if I want to do more from the notification center than just choosing certain alerts? 
I believe the slugfest between iOS and Android is more of a debate within the Self. iOS represents a closed interface, that tells you what’s best for you by stripping it down to the most basic interface cleared out of all shenanigans for the best user experience. While Android keeps it open, lets you root the OS, make your phone behave the way you want it to be and being unpredictable at the same time, customizable to the last degree.
Then, how must one decide? While Apple keeping it a closed system ensured that you have a more secure and seamless experience, it kind of made you believe that they know best what you need. You may want a lot more out of your phone, but they would ensure to make life tedious with syncing of phone/apps with iTunes. Not advocating for Android, however its as simple as plug and play. Want a theme? Apply it. Like a song? Download it. Desire simple settings? Drag your screen. The degree of customisation is relentless. So an iPhone will in a way tell you what’s best cause you really don’t know what is best. While Android says, do all you want cause may be you actually know what’s best for you. I believe the thin line is the great divide of how much we really know ourselves as compared to how well we perceive ourselves to be.

2 thoughts on “Why I ditched the iPhone?

  1. Seems Android lets you create the experience you desire, while iOS dictates it

  2. You got that Spot On!

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