Why Honey Bunny works for !DEA.

I think one of the simplest ways to leave an impact on any target audience is to have an oversimplified message. Zoozoos made absolutely no sense, but conveyed human emotions with ease. Similarly successful campaigns have been built over the simplest of things.
The new !dea campaign does exactly the same. Their basic message seems to be that here is a network that actually works across the country in the remotest of locations. To tie the different elements and bring in a localized flavor at the same time, what could work better than the simple notes of music.
We as a country have a rich heritage of traditions and music is one of the most important elements in our culture. Starting from any mom’s gentle hum, to the singing cab driver and lady servant murmuring songs as she dusts upholstery at home everyone has some song on their mind. The jingle used in the advert is building on a unique observation of the same. 
The reasons why this clicks are:
1. Appeal: Music being the most important element work well with emotional appeal
2. Awareness: It’s a jingle afterall. All that’s required is for someone to be exposed to it once. They need not even watch the commercial. The tune is bound to stick for sometime.
3. Usage: Jingles can easily be used as ringtones/call back tones thus promoting usage catching the average consumer totally unaware.
4. Recall: With visuals specific to different culture and tying the same jingle in different ways, !dea had killed both issues with one shot.
Only time can really tell if this campaign would go on to be as successful as other major ad mammoths. However this sure has caught widespread attention and people of all age segments from kids to senior folks are loving the jingle. It would rather be interesting to see how !dea will supplement this campaign in the future.

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