Delhi Gangrape: Do You really have an Opinion?

Pent up anger, rage and disgust. This is what i see when i overlook or overhear discussion on the gangrape in Delhi. What baffles me most that a lot of women keep saying that we need equal rights or freedom, stop blaming us for the clothes we wear or the way we carry ourselves. Considering that we live in the brightest of times, teeming with technology and reach, what makes us feel that we need to be equal?
My contention is that why do we even believe that we need equal rights? Aren’t we equal already? To fight for something is to believe that you were denied the right in the first place. Oppression is so not cool, what’s even more daft is to think that its best to listen or obey in order to avoid conflicts. From the ages when women were considered powerful and knowledgeable to the times when they were torched for knowing ‘too much’, what remains constant is that women were made to believe that the fairer sex is also the weaker one.
The recent surge in crimes across major metro’s like Mumbai and Delhi makes me think that however civilized or educated we might progress as a nation, we are still severely regressed in our beliefs. How would we ever reach the horizon if mindsets are trapped well below the roots? All we do is sit behind closed doors and root for silliest of causes!
All this deliberation is just plainly put: Frustrating. Cultural references being drawn, primal instincts, castration and grotesque forms of punishments are being talked of. But the next time you’re walking down the street what would You do to stop something? How many times would You go out of the way to make a difference? A popular murder in broad daylight to a brutal gangrape on moving bus, what would anyone do about it. We as a race are prone to pass the buck and wash hands off reality. I wonder how long would we be able to pretend being sane in the brutalities. How different would we be in a few years from third world countries known for horrendous torture inflicted on young girls along with trafficking? Worse yet, what are we doing to live in the false notion of safety within our own homes?
Too many questions, endless contemplation.

One thought on “Delhi Gangrape: Do You really have an Opinion?

  1. Agree with your post……just 1 question… are we really civlized ?

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