Notes to Myself

Choose randomness.Choose chaos. The backbeat on the drums, a low chord on a strung out guitar. The road less traveled, open the window that you are forbidden to slide. Pick on the glass edges, take the plunge down that cliff that speaks out fears within.

Take a chance, take a drink. Give it away, give it up! At the end of all the frenzy its going to be you. You. Your daydreams. Your Soul.

Believe. Have faith in everything. Or nothing. But its important to believe. Don’t ever give up on your dreams. Be your own advocate or who who will fight your battles? Dream. Dream of white shores, pale blue oasis and a night lit with the stars. Fear, whodunnit?

Uncertainty lends meaning to a stagnant life. So never be afraid of change, always looking forward. Push yourself. Limits are all but perceptions. Break the notion, raise the bar and surprise yourself.

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