Will Blackberry 10 Fly?

Its quite impossible to be unfazed by the great noise that Blackberry (erstwhile RIM) has created with its new OS and phone launch. An event that is bound to go down in branding textbooks where a product name has been used to re-brand the entire corporate is quite a milestone for the firm. However looking across the pomp and show, does Blackberry really have the muscle power to withstand the onslaught from its peers such as Android and iOS?

Here are a few points to ponder:

1. OS: Blackberry (BIS) started out as a secure platform for business oriented users who later on transcended to a richer media consumption pattern. Having used a the Curve for nearly 2 years i have my doubts if the experience can come nearly close to other phone in the market.

2. Data Plans: No more unlimited Data Plans! As revealed, BB 7 and downwards phones would have the unlimited data plan (given their bare to bones user experience). However the feature rich BB10 would not have free data for a monthly retainer. This would be more on the lines of pay as you go.

3. Pricing & Market Size: Well recently the onslaught of BBM had caught up with Asian audiences particularly in India, south east asia etc. With the BB10 support phone priced at the premium end, its hard to fathom greater penetration unlike its lower end models. Talking about a bleeding giant, maybe?

4. Apps: The whole purpose of using a smartphone with eased functionality is achieved by Apps that can do the simplest to most complex tasks. With only 70,000 apps in comparison to 1,00,000+ Apps on Android / iOS the BB user is not really left with much of a choice. For those shutterbugs, the possibility of an Instagram App is simply thwarted. While Blackberry loyalists will be unfazed, the potential switchers from different platforms may want to re-think the shift.

So while those are some of my observations, it would be interesting to see how this launch pans out for Blackberry and whether it could be the saving grace for the firm as industry pundits are pegging it to be!


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