Symmetry: Searching for the Self

Symmetry. The word rings in images. Standing before a mirror, we intend to see who we really are. A pale face, disheveled hair or even a spot would make us feel uncomfortable. We then try to rationalize, find means to correct this to resolve our own perceptions.
The origin of symmetry itself maybe unknown. However, the greek supposed that its is important from a physical science angle. Later we had quantum physicists writing journals explaining super-symmetry and the ever elusive search for godly particles continued, until we felt we had found it.
But I’m going make a trial towards applying this on a more psychological perspective. This theory will then find relevance in all walks of life. It can start from the simple group of friends one may have. We tend to connect over similar likes or interests. The moment we feel there is a disconnect, we tend to distance ourself and in some cases alienate them altogether. While that makes me question how or why would a person change in the first place? I reckon this is a mere influence of the surroundings we live in, creative work we are exposed to or a simple perspective on a random situation. Our influences begin to alter thinking to the extent that we seek a symmetry over a multitude of things we observe. Be it in terms of a brand identity we connect with or a thought by an influential person who inspires us. When these happen over a period of time in the subconscious, little do we realize that we have changed. Albeit unless someone close points it out.
This is also applicable to the relationship you’re in, the job you’re doing, the brands whose products you own to something as simple as your preferences for food and the area you live in. Everything we do throughout the day is a simple way of finding our self along the road called life. While its easy to get distracted and take a different path,  its important to remember that if you feel lost then you simply need to remind yourself that this is the best chance you have towards realizing you really are. As everything we do is a constant means to find symmetry with the self. Some of us may not find what we were looking for, but in any case find will be worth the chase.

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