2 Billion Disruptive Minutes on Skype!

Skype today announced that people around the world spend nearly 2 Billion minutes a day on it. The scale of the time spent here is baffling. To back this up, they have put up an interesting infographic that also specifies how equivalent time could have been spent.
Time spent? Well in the form of 33 million hours of laughter (you’ve got to be high on sugar), 1.3 million days of collaboration (yes, people do talk business) and 3,805 years of sharing smiles. I think that was a neat break down of how anyone across the globe could have spent 2 billion minutes on practically anything. 
What’s remarkable here is that Skype is present across all platforms for different phones, laptops and desktop. Ensuring that one can be connected to anyone across the globe having a Skype account, this was considered to be disruptive. Disruptive technologies by definition as per Paap & Katz – 2004 is where a technology innovation can have a significant impact on products that are based in a technology market. This technology breakthrough came through the integration of VOIP and P2P technologies. While the supplier market those days was dominated by Cable, Voice Carriers and VOIP, no one had brought together 2 different tech aspects the way Skype did.
In recent times, there have been several other apps that have come up to fulfill the same purpose. Some of the popular ones are Viber and the iPhone only Facetime. However, not everyone will have an iPhone in case of Facetime and people may not want to switch over from Skype. Additionally the recent integration of MSN Messenger has also integrated the huge base of users that would have been instrumental in driving usage statistics.
All in all, this is an impressive feat and going by the good quality and at a bare to bones rate (if you don’t have an account / fixed phone calling), I’m sure this numbers will surge upwards. It would be interesting to see how Skype would continue to provide an experience most of us live by in keeping in touch with loved ones!

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