Facebook’s Home Window?

So the much hyped “Facebook Home” event took place yesterday. This was a finality of sorts to the rumored Facebook Phone that had created quite a buzz off late. While, there was nothing on the hardware front, Facebook has come up with a software that should be able to further refine the user experience.

It was quite intriguing to have made the assumption that there would be a new phone. That’s cause Facebook is software centric and it wouldn’t make much business sense to compete on hardware with a much evolved and highly competitive market scenario. Hence, they made the correct logical choice of sticking to software. What exactly does this mean for us?

Since the update is to be rolled out on a select few Android OS phones, the experience is going to be reserved for a limited number of handsets. On the OS front, Facebook has everything to gain. The home screen will be more people centric, building around what is most relevant to the user. In the midst of the brouhaha, smaller apps are bound to get pushed in to a corner. While this could prove to be good for people who need a limited number of options, the more app crazy user such as me would find it cumbersome to keep going in to layers to use apps.

To an extent, this is pretty similar to the tile interface that windows phone have. This is a big debate, as to whether Facebook just stole Microsofts idea. Afterall they do have a huge base of nearly 700 million users that serve as a potential playground to roll this out to.

I wonder if this would actually be path breaking or is this another cog in the Facebook machine to justify that there are shreds of innovation that are in progress. After all, its backed by investors who would want to see some tangible development. While its still unclear as to how advertising would sit within the entire interface, there would surely be means to drive revenue. Going by the way the Windows OS was bluntly ignored, it would be interesting to see how Facebook Home pans out in terms of adoption levels.

2 thoughts on “Facebook’s Home Window?

  1. Whether hardware or software, Facebook needs to be people centric. And that doesnt necessarily mean using facebook 24×7. They are trying to monetize every bit of the platform and I can see clearly 'Home' going that way eventually. But after using it for less than 30 mins, I can safely say 'what are they thinking???'. You cannot expect android users to stick to wallposts and photos from Facebook all day long specially when the whole point of android is flexibility (or so they say). 'Home' does not let you access any other home screen and reduces the OS to basically a facebook phone which no one would want. And whats with limiting it to select devices. So suddenly if I dont have a latest android phone, my phone is not good enough for Facebook Home!! I know users of the app who already don like ads appearing within their feed. And with this, Facebook surely is going to draw ire of a lot of pro facebook users. Whoever put this idea on the table in Facebook, needs a lot of free time away from Facebook. Clearly.

  2. Absolutely Sandeep. Facebook made a very big assumption here, that its the first network of choice for any smartphone junkie. Definitely i wouldn't want you to lock away my apps under a shield of newsfeed of friends and play around with Chat Heads! In this regard, it would never make it to the iPhone considering how guarded Apple is with its UI. Nevertheless, this should stand as a good learning point whichever way it goes.

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