Bored? How about stimulating your Brain?

This is my answer to a question asked on Quora. 
To be honest i was bored out of my wits when i stumbled upon this. The extensive amount of reading up on behavioral psychology helped me in framing this one. With 132 vote ups (as of now), i felt that i should share it here as well. So here it goes, the top 5 stimulating activities for your brain can be:
1. Learning a new language or instrument: It stimulates the artistic right brain.

2. Listening to different music: Break out of your routine playlist, listen to something new and there go your neurons in figuring it out.

3. Traveling: This one’s a no brainer. Newer experiences whether weird / good will broaden your horizon.

4. Doing something that scares you: Yes, instantly your mind starts throwing up plans of how you could get through / out of the situation

5. Debate: Take a stand, make your points and you’d be surprised how your mind races at every point your opponent makes.

To leave you with more food for thought:

 *Source credit mindjet

8 thoughts on “Bored? How about stimulating your Brain?

  1. Great list of answers but I think you could have added this too,>Turn Photos Upside Down- alerts the hell out of your brain.>Use Your Other Hand- The minutest of details are caught by your brain besides making you ambidextrous.

  2. Thanks Satyadeep, those are simple ones i seemed to have missed out on!But they do work for sure.

  3. Interesting, but I am sure you will agree the list is exhaustive. the more creative the more ideas keep churning up.

  4. Pretty interesting list of things to do….reckon my brains already starting to work just going through some of those points on the list 🙂 Well compiled !

  5. Hey Fatima & daddyjournal,Thanks a lot for your comments. Glad to know its got the creative juices flowing 🙂

  6. Great tips..Thank you for stuff

  7. Thanks Sakib, glad you liked it!

  8. Thanks Sakib, glad you liked it!

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