Mr. Rahul Gandhi, Thank You.

As everyone reacts & outrage spreads over the recent Rahul Gandhi interview, i think I’m pretty sorted for the election choices this year. It’s interesting to see a potential leader of the nation fumble, blink and digress over the topics he’s being grilled over. But what’s more interesting is that he never has a clear answer on anything! Aside from repeating certain keywords at regular intervals, Rahul Gandhi has probably caused more harm to his reputation by appearing on TV. And this is just the beginning of his appearances!

Point to note is even after a 10 year internship with congress, he has only learnt to digress. I mean, where are Gujarat riots linked to women empowerment? I was pretty enraged by the middle of the interview yelling, “Why won’t he answer one question directly?”. Now any important media interaction is always scripted. Most politicians / key executives always are aware of the questions they would be asked. Reporters do tend to dwell a bit more on a subject at times. However the interviewee always knows what is coming his way. Despite knowing what he was in for, how could he seem so under-prepared? In case this was a job interview, i’m pretty sure the interviewer would’ve thought, “Heck, this person is not coming to the point. Should i really recruit this guy?”. Anybody in HR can validate.

Coming to the campaign he’s starting off with. Roping in a big media group like Dentsu, his boys must have thought they would have this figured. After all, Dentsu is a pretty kickass japanese media group and a 500 crore deal is only going to get the juices flowing. But centering on his “Main nahi, Hum..” message, i’m not sure i’m convinced. Rahul Gandhi kept talking about processes and how leaders are elected. He talked about getting more people involved. Now, even though we are a democratic country i beg to differ. More people means, more opinions, more reasons to not center on any concrete decisions, more camps within a party and what you’re left with is a big mess. It’s like a summer party where a lot people came, made a lot of noise, created hot mess and no one knows who did what. The results would be like that of a hangover the next morning. You’re sitting with headaches and don’t know who to blame. That’s the state congress is in right now. Corruption, scams, politicians going berserk & no one’s paying the price apart from people like you & me.

Rahul Gandhi talks of himself in third person most of the time. That is Illeism which indicates that he is pretty narcissistic & as wikipedia will tell you its a tact used by idiosyncratic & conceited people. Linking this trait to his point of getting people involved & most people who’ve worked with self-centered folks will tell you that its where a saga is waiting to unfold. Taking a leaf from Aam Admi Party will only serve as inspiration  for Arvind Kejriwal. Rahul Gandhi, sincerely you need to do better than hypothesize.

Lastly, it would be nice if congress could have a coming out of sorts. I mean look at your own brother-in-law, Mr. Gandhi. Robert Vadra’s wealth grew from 50 lakhs to 300 crores with funds that don’t have a clean source! How do you plan to win the trust & faith of lakhs of common folk when everything looks so convoluted? You could consider a start. And no i dont think this : qualifies as one. You need to be out there, drop your guard and engage in public forums to get to the grass root level. Till then, thank you for lifting the aura over your mystical persona. It’s been an eye opener. For sure.


5 thoughts on “Mr. Rahul Gandhi, Thank You.

  1. No point taking to a grey-matter-challenged person. And the one thing we came to know is the way to Shut up Arnob Goswami. And the pity is the extremely agile and erudite gene ( if I might say so ) of Panditji just stopped with him. I suspect the Pheroze gene and the Italian gene have watered down the Nehruvian genetic profile.

  2. You’re wrong to say he was unprepared for the interview. Twice at least he plaintively complained to Arnab: You aren’t asking me the right questions! Poor guy had mugged all the answers and Arnie didn’t ask – so whose fault is that!?

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