Easy Friday: Ideas


Ideas seem to flow in the most unexpected of situations. I was recently mulling over what brings forth a good or a bad idea. After all an ideator is someone who comes up with productive ideas or is a conceptualist according to Urban Dictionary. While some others just refer to it as an element of thought.

Maybe when we are at our most salient & relaxed state, that’s when the subconscious begins to function. That is when brain cells multiply to feed in to our thought processes. On the contrary, we are embroiled in everyday pursuits. A typical day is fraught with worries of the daily commute, wondering what’s new on the agenda to what’s the new hangout you’re going to hit later in to the night. As much as we want to try out new experiences to explore more about ourselves, the daily routine becomes just that. In the midst of all this, how do you start a loop for the best of ideas to be generated? Silent boardrooms won’t help & maybe brainstorming session would leave you quiet stoked for the rest of the day. I don’t have the answers, but it’s just a random thought i wanted to let out. There has to be more to quick fixes and short term solutions. I’m still figuring it out & when i do, this is where i will share the coming of the good ideas that stick through.

For now, here is a shot of my husband’s ancestral home in Kolkatta. It’s magnanimous, filled with heritage and a certain calm that is hard to find here in Mumbai.


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