Top 5 ideas for couples on Valentine’s Day

There is nothing better than doing it your way this valentines. It surely doesn’t have to cost a bomb to make it a memorable one. Do you distance yourself from the crowded restraunts? The lovey dovey of modern age couples?

Here are the top alternative ideas for couples this valentines which they will surely not regret:

1. Eating at quiet bistros: May sound a little drastic, but if crowded restaurants are your cup of tea, you can enjoy quality time chit chatting, dinning and wining at quiet bistros.


2. Splurging at the Spa: Why not spend this valentines pampering yourself and your partner by taking the perfect spa and massage to relax and unwind, followed by a sip of green tea or wine (whichever suits you the best)


3. Visiting an Art Gallery: Indulge yourself in unexpected art shows, drool over Picasso, Michelangelo and Van Gogh. Who knows whether the interactive art installation may bring sparks in your life.


 4. Enroll for Kickboxing: So you’ve been wanting to join those amazing Kickboxing classes, what better day to start them. Enroll yourself and your partner and be ready to rock and roll.

 5. Movie Night: So why not have a movie marathon of those favorite Star wars (for the action), P.S. I love you (for the romance) and the Pianist (for the drama). Make sure you have lots of popcorn and pizza to add the spice.


 So how do these frugal and meaningful ideas sound to you, will you be my valentines!

{ This post is a guest contribution by Smriti Abbi. You can follow more of her great posts at}


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