[Book Review] 59 Seconds

I’ve been catching up on my reading & thought it would be good check out one on behavioral psychology. I love the recommendations from the Amazon store and it so much more intelligent & richer than Flipkart. The Kindle has driven up my reading by at least 5 times. Anyways, the book i’m reviewing this time is 59 Seconds by Richard Wiseman. I’ve read one of his books called Quirkology before & i really like his style of explaining simple habits & events. Richard always puts forward a theory or a hypothesis and backs it with facts & research. Undeniably this puts the focus on implementation. His facts compel the person to try out little knick knacks towards becoming a better one.

Richard emphasizes on expressing gratitude & thinking about a perfect future by cataloging them in to a journal. Evidently, writing down clears up ones thought process and needs just 5 minutes a day. He explains what are the  key differentiating features when several candidates appear for an interview to how successful people set measurable goals which include spending time with loved ones. He sets up a plan at the end of nearly each chapter of the book to guide one in to making changes and in some cases he even throws in an exercise or two to help you understand yourself better. I got to know from one simple one that i’m right brained (that one didn’t even need me to fill a questionnaire or look at some fancy images). Some other insights are in to how people are receptive to new ideas when they are relaxed, that pop music / jazz have the same relaxing effect as total silence & classical music can help in lowering one’s blood pressure!

He touches on nearly all aspects of any person’s life from relationships, parenting, decision making to personality. All the chapters are interspersed with simple hacks that can help just about anyone. I think this is a good read for anyone looking to cut out procrastination / looking for making changes in behavior or habits / to simply improve their decision making. The takeaways make this one totally worth it!



2 thoughts on “[Book Review] 59 Seconds

  1. sounds good..will give it a try.

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