Her [Movie Review]

Counting down to the Oscars, i wanted to see some of the top nominated movies and that’s how i got to Her. Directed by Spike Jones, this 1.5 hour long movie did not really impress me much. Basically its set in futuristic LA where Joaqin Phoenix plays this character Theodore Twombly whose life, well it seems like he’s stuck in a tumbler. The character is lonely, nearing a divorce, working at a firm where he ghost writes meaningful letters for people who don’t have the time to do it themselves. That part of his job kind of captures how futile relationship may come to be in the near future when everything is automated or can be completely outsourced. Scary.

Anyhow the first few minutes of the movie show Theodore’s day to day life and how empty it really is. Pretty soon it cuts to a launch where the new operating assistant service is being launched. Theodore must have really wanted to be ahead of the curve as he snaps one up for himself just after the launch. The setup has been shown to be fairly simple with a few questions which include how he would describe his relationship with his mother. Enter the OS, who wants to call herself (itself) Samantha. Played by Scarlett Johansson, the OS begins to fill the vacuum in Theodore’s life. She (It) not only assists him in day to day tasks but also helps him revive some of his failed attempts at getting published and of all the most outrageous ones being Love. A lot of the movie plays on the way their relationship goes, the start, the uncertainty to denial. Some of the parts where they are out on a double date are really hard to set in perspective. They live in a world where there can be surrogates to nearly everything and some scenes really got me wondering why I decided to watch this movie in the first place. Thank god for the part by Amy Adams, who plays a friend to Theodore and adds a human touch to the entire setup. I found the end rather stupid, in the sense that it kind of leaves you in the lurches. From the start i thought this movie would be intelligent or quirky with the AI angle, but the end could have been a bit more plausible. All in all, its may be only worth a one time watch. I wouldn’t recommend even that though. The only reason i think it’s ended up at the Oscars is probably because of the way its shot. Aesthetically its beautiful and for that credit is due to the director and more importantly the cinematographer. Apart from that, do not expect much from this one.

Get over Her and watch this parody which had me laughing:


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