Mahashivratri: Divine Intervention


Today being Mahashivratri, one of the holiest days in the hindu calendar I’m a bit stoked about the divine. Shivratri according to many sources is the night when Shiv (the hindu god of transformation / destruction) weds Parvati. I’ve always been fascinated by Shiva. However, Shiva is also known as the simple lord. The most soft hearted one too. Being a shiva devout, i have always made it a point to observe most of the key days belonging to him in a calendar year. I see him as one of the most intense form of gods and see his deep influence in art forms.

This shivratri being the first one after marriage, i decided to get back to fasting on this key day and roped in my husband too. Both of us started the day out on foot looking for temples in our new neighborhood. Couple of rickshaw rides and an hour later, we were able to find one and make our offerings. The day also made me think about divine intervention and the linkage to shiva’s forms. Shiva is known to be limitless and all encompassing. The god who brings about change. Change that is always not welcome. Many a times, we feel things are beginning to turn over our heads and that can leave us grappling for answers. Maybe all that we were going through was nothing but divine intervention? Placing my faith in Shiva, prayers fly around as i hear to chants from the temples nearby. Helps me find my moment of calm in the chaos 🙂

*Image source: Licensed for reuse from wikimedia commons


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