Nourishing the soul – Top 3 to-do’s

Day to day activities do drain a good part of ourselves. We begin to feel sapped off energy and even begin to question the routine even as we know it’s inevitable. So maybe at times we just need to disconnect and identify with ourselves. While each person may have their own routine that they escape in to, i find the following three techniques pretty helpful for myself:

1. Tuning myself to nature: I think observing nature offers relief in the most simplest forms. Waking up early to catch the sunrise is something that fills me up with positive thoughts. Even a simple walk, watching the birds and the antics of pets around is an uplifting feeling. Scenic locations make me wonder how much we think of problems when nature has so much more to offer.

2. Music: Nothing beats the feeling of discovering new music that i can resonate to. Even on a hectic day or when things don’t seem to be going good, i take to music to instantly drown out all the inertia. Classical, Jazz and Indie are my favorites when i want to relax. But, when work needs to be done i resort to just about any kind (including EDM too).

3. Getting creative: Working on something i like or enjoy and getting as creative as i can helps me push myself further. Writing is definitely on the top of the list. Other activities such as cooking and photography help me tune with myself. I once read that photography is less of what you see externally but more of what is internal to the photographer. Hence you can be good if you have the instincts or maybe with some expensive training.

Those are some of the ways i try to get myself back on track. Simple yet effective ways to go about finding myself at the end of the day 🙂



PS: Here’s a photo i clicked a while back on the hill tops at lonavala!

Image Copyright.

One thought on “Nourishing the soul – Top 3 to-do’s

  1. Completely agree with your post! I find watching sparrows on the lawns around my building very calming. Lovely picture of the hills.

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