Top 5 self care ideas as you stay home

What started out as an interim arrangement has now extended in to the ‘new normal’. I thought the time saved doing the daily commute could be used up for so many different things. But in a few weeks the drive faded and then i got stuck in an easy routine of just working, ordering food or fixing a ready to eat meal and completely fell off the fitness wagon. I feel like its been months since i squeezed in a proper workout. But it turns out the downtime has helped improve some of my health markers as recent medical tests would reveal, so all is not lost!

Staying home is the safest thing to do (even though most things are unlocked now) as numbers don’t seem to follow a set pattern. But then you end up missing all the usual things you would do during a day off – such as going outdoors, indulging in retail therapy or catching up with friends. So what can you do, all by yourself at home?

  1. Sort and edit your closet – I put this off for the longest time, but there is something calming about a sorted closet one your done with it. It’s also a good activity to help edit heavily – take out the clothes you haven’t worn in 6 months and keep them ready for recycling. In case charities in your area are collecting donations for clothes, you can also give these away for a cause. Watching an episode of Get Organised on Netflix really got me going on this one!
  2. Make time for some self-learning – There’s an entire universe of courses you can take for anything you would like to learn. I’ve been trying to take up courses for topics that are completely outside of my daily work areas. I find it helps me broaden my perspective and sometimes it’s surprising how things you learn in completed unrelated field can have similarities. One course i’m going through at the moment is The Science of Well-Being offered by Yale via Coursera. I watched a few videos by Laurie Santos that got me interested in this one.
  3. Grab a cozy corner and read – A little downtime can be good to catch-up on your reading list. It’s funny how i start the year every time with a reading goal for the year but then slip away as priorities set in. But holidays or off days are best to keep tabs on this and recalibrate. I keep saving reading lists on my notes app to go back and refer to when i can’t decide on what to read. I mostly read non-fiction so here’s a list i had saved on earlier this year.
  4. Play your favourite songs – There’s nothing better than listening and singing out along with your favourite songs when nothing else seems to help. Spotify and Apple Music both have a huge number of playlists if you are looking to explore different genres too. I have been listening to songs in different languages, so much texture and similarities too!
  5. Cook something nice for yourself – While everyone may not be whipping up extravagant meals (me for sure as i default on take-out), this can be something creative to take up in your free time. Early on i used to find cooking therapeutic but when it became a chore i began to hate cooking! I realised giving myself a break and then experimenting with new foods helped me break the monotony. Some of the channels that i go to for inspiration are Forksoverknives and Pickuplimes.

Those were some of my top ideas for self care while staying at home. I know there’s plenty of ideas outside of this list, so please share whatever works for you!

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