10 Simple Ways to your Happy Space.

“Had a long day?” Sometimes that phrase gets the better of me. Simply put we all have 24 hours and everyone’s striving to do the best they can. However, there are days that just don’t seem to end. When your elaborate plans seem bleak and hope is not on the horizon. I’d say its just perspective, change it and you’ll see wonders. But, for the stubborn ones who are think they are better left to decide on their own, I have something for you:

1. Small Meals: Yes, eat less. That doesn’t mean take up to a diet or loose weight. I read somewhere that “One can never regret having eaten little”. So i thought let me put this to test. I have been trying this out for the past 2 weeks and its totally working for me. Every time i’m out, i see a large variety of foods and feel like trying most of them. By eating smaller portions and spacing it out, I’m able to try more and not feel guilty as well!

2. Create something: Anything. Just about anything. Now, I know some of you are not in to DIY / creative stuff. But, it doesn’t take much. Buy yourself a kit to guide you through making something interesting. Write more often, you will be surprising yourself soon. Sing, even if they laugh at you (ok, that doesn’t count as creation but its a start). If all else fails, simply order in food and tell them it was your idea.

3. Random act of kindness: I’m leading you here from the point above. How many times have we heard “sharing is caring”? I recently read that spending money on others gives people more satisfaction than spending only on themselves. Maybe that’s why charities trigger you to go on a guilt trip? In any case, doing small things for others not only makes you happy it also makes it worthwhile for others.

4. Flex those muscles: Stress getting to you at work? Stiff joints? The simplest solution is to exercise it off. Physical activity produces feel good hormones the same ones that leave you feeling refreshed after a workout. Long walks are helpful too. In fact that’s all i used to do back at my business school campus when i needed to take a break. Earplugs in, world plugged out.

5. Slow it down: I’m an avid admirer of Minimalism. I say admirer because i’m literally struggling to keep things at the bare minimum but i just end up giving in mostly. However, its great to slow down take a break and watch the world pass by you. I prefer doing this with a favorite track playing in my mind. Particularly in tough situations or uneasy travel, i try to find beauty in the chaos. More often than not, i surprise myself with the outcome. You can too! If all else fails, you can still instagram something somewhere.

6. Make lists: Bucket list anyone? Well, making lists is one activity that helps you put your thoughts in perspective an think about the good things. It’s something most multitaskers do and i think its an effective way to string it all together. No, you’re not a ‘Type A’ personality if you make a list.

7. Don’t speak unless spoken to: Now this one is only for the time you’re feeling low. Something elder say very often, ” If you can’t say something nice, then don’t say anything at all”. In case you have been asked something, think deeper before answering. I feel its important to have a deep conversation rather than small talk.

8. Shower: No, not just hygiene alone but showers can really pump the blood circulation level. We particularly feel more energetic and ready to take on tasks after a quick shower. So if melancholy takes up on you, head for a quick shower.

9. Mind Trip: Research has apparently proven that people are more happy when they are planning a vacation than the time when they are on it. I think the logic here is you plan thinking of all the good stuff you want to try out or adventure sport to take up. But once on the holiday it gets chaotic and you’re more worried about getting back home (did i leave the tap running?). So make plans more often, but ditch some as you go along.

10. Time the greatest teacher: Spend more time with family and friends. I think trying to explain this one would mean making small talk. We all know we need to spend more time with loved ones, but somehow end up getting caught with other things through the day. I reckon this is simple. Surprise family dinners are the easiest plugins to spread the love.

So these are a few ways in which i try to light up my day. If one doesn’t seem to get me too far, i do try a combination of the steps above. It always works. If there is something more that you feel i can add to this list, do comment. I’m all ears to soak it all up 🙂


You Should Be Taking It Easy

While checking out videos across Youtube I stumbled upon a video link on Ted-Ed talking about the ancient forces of Yin & Yang. Keeping aside the cool animation and graphics, one fact stuck on to me after i was done with it. It simply said that one shouldn’t fight the forces of the universe. Rather we must continue to go ahead as is, or go with the flow.
Interesting thought I surmised. I also recalled reading Deepak Chopra’s “7 Spiritual Laws of Success” where one of the laws is the “Law of Least Effort”. To quote the writing as is:

“In Vedic Science, the age-old philosophy of India, this principle is known as the principle of economy of effort, or “do less and accomplish more.” Ultimately you come to the state where you do nothing and accomplish everything. This means that there is just a faint idea, and then the manifestation of the idea comes about effortlessly. What is commonly called a “miracle” is actually an expression of the Law of Least Effort”

This made me think about all the times that I had been trying to fight against the odds, to maybe prove a point to someone or mostly to myself. So many of us tend to be control freaks trying find imperfections and believe that we are only trying to put forward the best version of ourselves. Micro-managers, as they say? 
Many of us tend to define success as a destination. This could be in terms of a particular designation / corner office / network / influence. But we forget that in retrospect, its the processes that will take their time and the learning that we need to accumulate will take us there. Hence we are rushing all the while in to reaching and chasing a mirage in the short run.
So the key is to simply go with the flow. Dream more and control less. Fight the urges and embrace the changes. Present your views and learn more by listening. At the end, its all going to be worth the ride.

*The TED-Ed video mentioned above can be found here:

Is That Absurd?

Is just your notion of the inner recesses of your mind,
Take your chances and let your imagination bleed.
Pour over the juices that rush through,
Seeping through to plant the seeds of harmony.
Bright lights make you come alive,
Striking across with the pace of a lightning bolt,
Skim the dark night to a white dawn.
Its not going to be pleasant.
Scattered skies wait for your mind to turn over,
Let the sun shine streak your hair.
A vacant hotel room with people in it,
Does that make you wonder,
If there’s something to hide,
in a secret life?
Pass through this life like a suitcase
That’s got no baggage on it.

Existentialist Contemplation.

Stick to your guns or sell out? A common dilemma that transcribes and disfigures all.

A few years back I was in the anti-sellout category. Yes, shoot me for being a cross over, maybe? But time and again the prevailing trend catches up and no longer you’re a part of the elitist club any more. Funny it is, how you wont even realize that now you’re on the ‘Other’ side. I wonder about the thought that drives us to stick to what we think is right. How a maligned notion is what we carry across and how reality could easily bend it all.

Figuratively speaking DIY is cool, fringes are in, taking your dog to a saloon, getting yourself a tattoo or heck, just blowing your hair while cruising along Marine Drive. Urge Overkill? That’s what i would say. Its nothingness that really moves the empty space within. Get that thrill, and then what?

As the existentialist philosopher Jean Paul Satre puts it, its this very state of nothingness that gives us a state of free will. Will to choose, to empower, to dethrone, to Do. But this free will gets distorted, stretched and maligned by the decisions we make in the real world. So say your little round-the-world-trip fantasy gets murdered by the budget that binds you to home-ground. There, Snap!

So choices are nothing but reconciliations. The little lies we tell ourselves. Cause really, we never know what it would turn out to be in the long run. For now, we need to rationalize. To explain. But for the moment, you rest as you know this is the most logical thing to do. And what you cant? “Oh that was irrational, we certainly can’t be doing this, you know.” Or as Satre puts it conscious decisions suffer from a lack of individual freedom of thought.

Here lies the question. Be the trailblazer, stick to your guns and surprise them all? Or rather, just paint a physical portrait beautiful for others to see, but basically a Sellout? In Contemplation.