Easy does it


Being in Mumbai, I’m seeing the monsoon reclaiming it’s tenure here for the next 3 months. This quote could help draw out similarities in life and nature.

May be sometimes all it takes is to be gentle and easy on ourselves and others. Change takes it’s own time just like nature takes it’s own course.


Outside the comfort zone


Stepping out of the comfort zone is one of the hardest things to do for most. I face the struggles too no matter how much I motivate myself to be. Rigidity is what we partake as stability. Change is the hardest bit to deal with.

Maybe all we need to do is broaden our horizon and be open to newer experiences. At least that’s what one can believe in not knowing if they could be good or bad. But whatever they maybe they would bring a good amount of learning. Another important aspect is of trying out things that challenge / scare you. Personally I have read this tip and I’m yet too scared to try it out. But one bit at a time, I’m trying my best to make the change required.

Just like a warm cup of coffee on a cold morning, we tend to soak in all the comfort of where we think we’re best accustomed. But there’s a whole world out there begging to be explored.

‘Move out of your comfort zone. You can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new’ –
Brian Tracy

Nourishing the soul – Top 3 to-do’s

Day to day activities do drain a good part of ourselves. We begin to feel sapped off energy and even begin to question the routine even as we know it’s inevitable. So maybe at times we just need to disconnect and identify with ourselves. While each person may have their own routine that they escape in to, i find the following three techniques pretty helpful for myself:

1. Tuning myself to nature: I think observing nature offers relief in the most simplest forms. Waking up early to catch the sunrise is something that fills me up with positive thoughts. Even a simple walk, watching the birds and the antics of pets around is an uplifting feeling. Scenic locations make me wonder how much we think of problems when nature has so much more to offer.

2. Music: Nothing beats the feeling of discovering new music that i can resonate to. Even on a hectic day or when things don’t seem to be going good, i take to music to instantly drown out all the inertia. Classical, Jazz and Indie are my favorites when i want to relax. But, when work needs to be done i resort to just about any kind (including EDM too).

3. Getting creative: Working on something i like or enjoy and getting as creative as i can helps me push myself further. Writing is definitely on the top of the list. Other activities such as cooking and photography help me tune with myself. I once read that photography is less of what you see externally but more of what is internal to the photographer. Hence you can be good if you have the instincts or maybe with some expensive training.

Those are some of the ways i try to get myself back on track. Simple yet effective ways to go about finding myself at the end of the day 🙂



PS: Here’s a photo i clicked a while back on the hill tops at lonavala!

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“He’s not going to make the cut” / “She’s obviously never heard of class” / “This entire thing is doomed for failure”. Quite often we come across people who are resorting to a quick judgement about people or situations. The way we have been brought up, our society has kind of baked this system in to us. From early school days, parents will be cautious about the friends you make. “Company maketh a man”. Or so they say.

As we grow older, we tend to draw out of our experiences and begin to stereotype people. Notions are widespread about the community one belongs to / experience they bring. Then you have qualitative ones. The kind of people you feel uncomfortable around for no good reason. “I have a bad feeling about this”. Many a times situations prompt the same response.

It’s quite natural for us to jump to conclusions. Some highly opinionated individuals take it upon as their birth right to have an insight on just about everything. Makes me think about how much can one know to really have a point of view about nearly everything. But, what i wonder most is that when people are drawing these judgements and passing them off unaware people, why does it mostly have to be negative? You could also come up with a real positive one. I think one needs to think ahead of themselves, in the larger perspective to really think on those lines. Just to think about it, if all of us were to just spend one entire day appreciating each other, wouldn’t the world seem like a much happier place? To me, it would sure would. Even with the judgement bit thrown in.


I’ve always wondered how much of what we think we see is hidden. Ditto for the kind of situations we try to understand. I’m sure many a times, we think we have understood the crux of the problem. Only to discover there were more strings attached. To me, anything that’s hidden works wonders to spark my curiosity on the subject. Maybe that’s why i kept reading up on Astrophysics and quantum mechanics from middle school. While people around me were reading comics or Sidney Sheldon novels, i was deep diving in physics. My interests kept changing all along. But it was the unexplored that had me intrigued.

There are a lot of aspects that are hidden from our daily frame of things. I once read that our subconscious mind keeps eliminating thoughts to help us focus better on what’s important. Typically these thoughts manifest themselves in to dreams. In case these are unpleasant we then embark on a journey to understand the hidden messages. All of this makes me wonder how much of control we really have over stuff in our lives. While you may choose to know as much as you can, take additional degrees or courses, work in different sectors / roles and take on as much as you can within your family, there will still be things that are hidden. I don’t know what could be good given the circumstances. Maybe sometimes, we should just let it go and believe what’s not obvious is for our best interests.