Is That Absurd?

Is just your notion of the inner recesses of your mind,
Take your chances and let your imagination bleed.
Pour over the juices that rush through,
Seeping through to plant the seeds of harmony.
Bright lights make you come alive,
Striking across with the pace of a lightning bolt,
Skim the dark night to a white dawn.
Its not going to be pleasant.
Scattered skies wait for your mind to turn over,
Let the sun shine streak your hair.
A vacant hotel room with people in it,
Does that make you wonder,
If there’s something to hide,
in a secret life?
Pass through this life like a suitcase
That’s got no baggage on it.


This poetic justice,
served by the inadequacy of my actions,
bequeaths life in to this salient existence.
While I know,
this would never find an end.
The turmoil of my fallacies,
will continue to haunt.
While me and you,
reminisce and try to figure out,
what we left behind,
in chasing goals new and old.

Train of Thought

In a random stream of consciousness,
I see you there standing,
Gaping in to my soul.
Looking for answers,
We walk along the wilderness,
With the rustling leaves,
In a dim-lit October sky.
A wielding climber,
A broken branch,
Consequences of actions,
Or the bearing of time gone by?
Little can we know.