Sunday Listening #1

Being a music junkie, i’m always on the lookout for new artists or great covers. Or, in this case a great acoustic version. I liked this acoustic version since its a much stripped down & soothing song to listen to.  Arctic Monkeys have been one of my favorite bands. Listening to them takes me back to my engineering days in 2006. Their album Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not was on repeat play. Songs like Riot Van, Fake Tales of San Francisco were some of my favorite in addition to the most popular tracks on the album.

Their later albums such as Favorite Worst Nightmare (won the Brit Award for British Album of the Year 2008), Humbug to the latest AM have been good too. They have changed their sound & they seem to have experimented with variations to their musical sound. The latest AM has hip hop influences too. Nevertheless, they have me hooked to keep checking out whatever new they come up with. Though they are no longer Indie the way when they started out, they do make good songs that keep me coming back!