Traditionally Speaking

Traditions. The word sparks rituals and rites in my head. Small or big, there are some all of stick too. For me, Diwali – the hindu festival of lights has to be it. I have tried my best to keep up with the celebrations and traveled back home even when i was living in different cities. Guess i missed celebrating it just once in the last 10 years.

While i don’t endorse the fireworks and shenanigans, the entire idea of the family coming together once is what’s comforting. I think rituals help us in having a connect with our experiences over the years. It has that sense of familiarity that i love coming home too. Being the most religious of the lot i also love decorating and getting the prayer requisites in order for the puja (where prayers and offerings are made to Laxmi the goddess of wealth). Apart from that the festival is a great time to catch-up and definitely take pictures. Here is one that i took last year: