Zeal – Keeping up with it


Zeal is an important characteristic in life. I think it’s very strongly linked to things or activities we are passionate about.

While I have several things I’m passionate about, travel is an important one of them. It’s enthralling to open up to new experiences, culture and people. Plus explore new places and cuisines as you go along. So as I sit and watch the planes take off, it feels great to keep up with the zeal in life as we go along 🙂


Wanderers. That’s what describes our travel style. Nothing’s figured out and little of it all makes sense. Destinations are decided on impulses and intuition. When it comes to travel, isn’t it about where you long to be than where you want to be. After all, most of the decisions are made for your day in advance. You do know that you’ll be catching the ride, going to work and even how your day is planned out to what’s for dinner tonight.

But when it comes to setting out your travel plan. Shouldn’t you choose where you’d rather be. Also, ditch the itinerary. The travel break you much need isn’t another meeting with a pre-set agenda. So go with the flow, as my husband says. The end result, will be a basket full of experiences that will leave your more satisfied than surprised.

In the meanwhile, here is a pic from one of our random detours:


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