Is home where the heart is?

The daily prompt got me reminiscing about home. In the past few years, i have shifted cities. Have traveled to all the four metros at different part of India. But when i probe my earliest memories about home, my mind races to the villa my family stayed at in Doha. I was born and brought up there. That makes it nearly 17 significant years of my life. Although i don’t really like looking back, but there were a few good things about it.

We stayed in a diverse neighborhood with very few indian families around us. While that made us feel isolated from our culture, there was a certain richness in the diversity too. The locality was also a quite one. Quiet enough to hear my own heartbeat at night. Being an early riser always glued to my books, it was the perfect environment to read diligently. I think by class 10, i had read up on astrophysics, quantum mechanics and the Bhagvad Gita in the peaceful mornings. The place was well connected to various important centers but quite far from my school. Life in Doha was quite slow as compared to the hustle and bustle of Mumbai. Festivals or occasions would come and pass us by quietly as people hardly celebrated unless it was in a cultural center of some sort. Here in Mumbai, i miss the calm but find order in the chaos. As i look outside my window and soak in the sounds and chants, i feel there is much more to see and explore as i move on. 

Here is a view from my window.