It’s Lohri, the punjabi harvest festival that signifies the start of a new year. While i had been meaning to plug back in to the blog at the start of this calendar year, its simply been harder to do than just think off. Procrastination has got the better half of me, unfortunately.

So when i stumbled on this post mentioning image search, it seemed like a good time to begin again. I googled for inspiration – something that i have been looking for lately. This one seemed to fit the bill. May be all that’s required is a fresh perspective with a focused approach to get back in action. Here’s to the new year!


Sunsets & Sunrises – Moving On


Sunrises and sunsets. The normal day begins and ends with those. At the end of it, i wonder do we long more for what’s gone by or wait for what’s coming. When the lonely owl makes noises at night, is it because it doesn’t want the darkness to fade away. Or rather when birds sing in the morning, are they welcoming the day or happy that the night is over?

From the little bit of all that i know, i’m looking forward to the next day. As they say, it all gets better with time.


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Easy Friday: Hope


This little fortune cookie sparked some hope in me as we were winding up a lazy lunch last week. Smooth seas, well don’t we all want to sail away and feel the breeze in our face? But then again, how long can we bask in our comfort zone i ask. It’s always good to get used to an idea or a notion but rarely do we appreciate a change in perspective. As we grow older, our ideas get set in stone. We rationalize by telling ourselves that these are the principles we want to live by.

We build a cocoon to make life peaceful and keep any distractions at bay. However in doing so, we keep hoping that nothing bad comes our way. Hope. A powerful word. Isn’t hoping for nothing bad to happen an indirect way of our subconscious telling us that you didn’t do enough or need to do more. On the contrary by hoping for the best, aren’t we tricking ourselves to make believe in things that are probably not possible in the first place? Maybe all we need is to be flexible to go with the flow and roll with the punches. Living, then wouldn’t seem so tough at all.

For this i would tend to side with¬†Friedrich Nietzsche who said, “Hope in reality is the worst of all evils because it prolongs the torments of man”.