Reminisce – Choose to remember

The digital camera is a great invention because it allows us to reminisce. Instantly. – Demetri Martin

I’ve been travelling and we’ve been going to different places to show my parents-in-law around the city. No trip is complete without photos and especially when it comes to a photo junkie like me, photos will be clicked. All of this makes for good reminiscing.

What’s remarkable from the quote above is the power that phones have put in our hands. Using an iPhone 5S, i simply take out my phone to snip, snap and shoot. At times, i let the dual flash do its trick. Few years back, i would have to roam with a point and shoot in hand worrying about rechargeable batteries. But today, technology has simplified all of it to the extent that we have several devices bundled in a single phone. Me and my father-in-law (we call him Babi) are photography enthusiasts. Babi had cultivated the hobby for several years and many of his photos have won awards over the years. In fact one of them was bought by a major automobile company. Babi owned several SLR cameras and lenses but uses a digital camera these days. Our techniques vary. Babi is patient, calculative and persistent when it comes to clicking photographs. On the contrary, I’m impulsive to the extent that i’d roll down the window and stick my phone out to capture an image.

Both the approaches bring out different strokes in the way our images turn out. The end results are always good. I once read that good photography is not what you see externally but its more of what is internal to the photographer. That brings me to the point where many of us are out clicking selfies, photobombing our friends snaps or posing awkwardly. Somehow what we yearn for most is to recollect and live the experience. It’s not always about the place we were at. Rather its what we choose to reminisce.

Gateway-minutelyinfinitePhoto credits: Pranab . K. Mookerjee (Image Copyright)



A short trip. Some memoirs or souvenirs. I took this picture which serves as a keepsake for me.

To remind me of the calm in this moment. And that whatever it may be, it shall all be good.