5 Reasons why i shifted back to iOS from Android

Yes, i’ve got the iPhone 5S and most of the observations stem from my usage of the phone over a week. Now you may well know the average phone junkie around you will be caught up in a grueling debate of which platform to choose. iOS / Android / Windows / Blackberry. Ok, lets leave the last one. You see, i was there too. My smartphone journey started with a Blackberry. Now, i didn’t quite like the feeling of being stuck in dinosaur years in the face of technology and made the shift to iOS. 6 months down, i shifted to Android and now i’m back to iOS. Pray, you ask why? Here it goes:

1. iOS7: The colors. I mean this is vivid. Its like Apple’s on an acid trip and everything looks colorful. Not just that, the notifications and controls are so much more easier. I used to chuckle over the ease of changing settings on my S3 in the initial days, but iOS7 just hit the pain point with the controls made easy.

2. Stability: DON’T get me started on the number of times my S3 crashed. Talk about random restarts, apps crashed and went boom in my face. I can’t even count the number of times i would have my phone freeze when i wanted to take a picture or just after taking one, trying to see how it looked. With my 5S, that’s a story of the past.

3. LAG: That’s in caps cause that’s what pinched and pricked me all along. Why samsung why would you load a phone with touchwiz? I mean where’s the darn value add? Everytime i had to pickup the phone to call, it would take 8 holy seconds for my contacts to show. Free Memory? Did that. Factory reset? Check. Go to android developer settings and change parameters. Figured out and did that. No help.

4. Customization: Now this is what you don’t get in iOS. But, once you’re done with those inane customizations and wallpaper updates, how frequently do you actually go back and keep changing. In fact, as you become busier or most accustomed to your device, you rarely change the display. If you’re on the otherside, then well you really are sorted in life to have so much time on your hands.

5. Security: No matter how much we bleat or brag about the closed OS that Apple has to offer, it no doubt keeps your phone secure. Also what can beat Touch ID? I mean the entire user experience is revamped in the 5S. App purchases and phone unlock are so much simpler now. All i need to do is add a fingerprint.

The typical android geek would love to root phones and try out different tricks and its oh, so open! But i have my reservations now and would rather prefer a stable, reliable and minimalist device as compared to the phablets and the shenanigans. Plus, the camera with the two tone flash? It beats everything on the market hands down. So yes, when it comes to android i could rattle on about how large the screen actually turned out for me in the S3 and the little benefit it seemed to offer. Plus battery issues and what not. Things are sorted and streamlined in iOS. So yes, this shift back has been simpler than i thought and i’m back to worship Apple’s holy grail of tech.

Don’t Follow Your Passion

No this post is not about mid-week crises but it’s a thought that i was mulling over. I’m sure most of us are looking for means to figure out what we’re in for at the end. A lot of time goes in finding the perfect job. Oh! you have a perfect job? Well congrats. Cause most people are trying to make the job they’re doing a perfect one. As they say don’t wait for the perfect moment but make every moment perfect. Apart from this I’m sure you’re looking for a great gadget / soulmate / residential property / decent school for your kids and the list is long.

Unrealistic Dreams: More often than not, at a young age many of us were told to “follow our dreams”. While many were too naive to figure out by the time they hit puberty, I’m confident that those of us who did find out what we wanted to do, eventually gave up on it. Let’s face it, we’re children or teenagers running high on hormones. So you saw a sci-fi flick and decided to work for the government or decided to serve the country? No sweat most people had the weirdest notions of what they wanted to be when they were young. But yes, life has its ways and I’d say that by the time you hit college, you’re pretty much sorted. Or rather not. But whatever your situation may be, you definitely are passionate about something.

But i want to work on the area I’m passionate for? Many of us feel that if we were to follow our passion life would be so much better. Of course, there are several studies that prove the fact that the more fulfilling your job role, the more content you are an individual. However, stuff we are passionate about don’t get built up in a jiffy. Also, our passion keeps changing frequently. Many will confirm that it has changed every 2-3 years. I read an interesting study that says that our personalities change every 4 years, so why cant our passion?

I have a job I’m passionate about! Coming to following your passion, let’s take for an example that one is passionate about the environment. Let’s assume that this person gets a job that let’s them do just that. Talk about how passionate they are about it and do all they can to protect it. Now, this is day in day out you see they will have a boss to report to and metrics that will define their performance. That’s one type of pressure. Also given the current business environment, the person is exposed to unethical practices that are being carried out and gets exposed to the ugly side of business. Most likely, their passion would have gone out the window and they would be nearing to quit their job. If not then they are stacking up on a skill so unique that only other environment firms would think of hiring this person. Hence even if they don’t like it, they would be stuck in vicious cycle. In all probability if you are passionate about something, it may not come with a profit angle for you to en-cash.

In Hindsight: Therefore, i feel its better to cultivate your passion. Branch out and move to related topics or activities to keep learning. This would not only enrich your profile but also show the capability to be flexible and take on different roles. There are many caps you have to put on anyways, so why think one dimensionally? It’s good to be passionate about something but to build on that, network and learn is something that will take it to a whole new level! Do you agree or not, do let me know with your comments 🙂

Dont Follow Your Passion

Quitting Your Job. In Style.

Most people think about it. Some talk of quirky ways they would resign. Those of you who have seen Jerry McGuire would recall the scene where he makes a speech and leaves with one lonely fish “flipper”. But, when you have had one too many coffees and pushed the gate beyond 1am to your office door (of course not when you choose to moonlight), there is a greater grit to display when you find the option to leave.

Now you could find quirky ways to do this, like sending a cake to your boss / writing a book / writing a poem / citing a funny inspiration as your trigger. But if you really want to make it viral? Make a video out of it. That’s exactly what Marina Shifrin did. On a much long night at work (Next Media Animation) she decided to do an interpretive dance to Kanye West’s “Gone”. Marina doesn’t say anything in the video, its just interlaced with dance steps and text. She’s dancing at every possible area she frequents in her previous work place in the short video. She’s edited it well too, since her job was to come up with viral videos that lacked quality but were high in quantity in her opinion. Here’s the video that actually did go viral and has more than 5 million hits:

But her ex-work organisation did not just leave it at that. They came up with an equally quirky video showing her boss and other work members dancing to the same song. They funnily are at the same work areas Marina dances in her video and look really happy (albeit we know why since its a video response). What’s more they show the swankier parts of the office and wish Marina all the best with a ‘We’re Hiring” message at the end. Here’s the video response:

This made me think about how easy it is becoming for individuals / organisations to put their perspectives out there. Take this case where an employee is making a video that could be brandishing for the company’s reputation. But, they choose to respond in a fashion that’s similar to the way Marina expressed her outrage. Countless people quit their jobs every year and some of them do rant about it on social media. In certain cases, former employees have started blogs / websites to portray their hatred for the work they did or the policies their former workplaces had. But rarely has an organisation responded back or clarified their stand. Now, there seems to be a change sweeping in. In my opinion this will not be a trend or an event to look out for. But, it does throw light on the power of social networks and how it is changing the hiring landscape. It also show how important it is to value the opinion of employees when it comes to organisations. You never know if they would choose to group up and make a quirky video about it so that the world at large gets to know. I think while the outrage may not be relevant to others, but in some aspect people tend to connect with it at some level and that’s what makes them share it. I’m sure Marina has become a viral celeb overnight and may have a lot of videos coming up where she could be more vocal than she was in the video she made. Whether this proves to be a win for Next Media Animation (her ex-employer), I doubt.