Travel – More is less


Travelling has to be one of my top favorite things to do. I think travelling is such an enriching experience. Not only are you thrown out of your comfort zone, you’re also pushed beyond your boundaries. We’re more acceptable to change when subjected to sudden plan upsets. More agile, if i may use the word.

I read somewhere that if one has the money to spend and needs to choose between an expensive gift / holiday, then they must choose the latter. We pick up so much more in terms of culture, experiences and memories to relish. Plus for a photo freak like me – more chances to click pictures! I don’t think there is a line i would draw to the extent i wish to travel. In my case, more is less!

So here is a photo i clicked to capture the western ghats near mumbai πŸ™‚

Image copyrighted.

6 thoughts on “Travel – More is less

  1. I agree! I recently went on a trip to Europe and the culture experiences and picture opportunities were boundless! Great blog!

  2. I’m all for travel. Hard to find the money sometimes, but I’m all for it :). You’ll be surprised though how many things are waiting to be discovered right in your back yard πŸ™‚

  3. Nice shot! And I completely agree…travel is the lifeblood of a fruitful life.

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