Re-springing my steps

Tell us about the last experience you had that left you feeling fresh, energized, and rejuvenated. What was it that had such a positive effect on you? That’s what they asked today.

Those words instantly brought back memories of the Himalayas. This image briefly captures them in the background amidst clouds. We were holed up in the monsoon at this serene hill station called Nagarkot located nearly 32 kms north east of Kathmandu. The stillness of the mountains and simplicity of the village folk helped to pause and reflect. It would get awfully quiet at times and that helped us calm ourselves down since we’re so used to the noisy hustle and bustle in city. The chill at 8000+ feet was a welcome relief from the blistering and humid heat in Mumbai. Hoping to head back soon!

Travel – More is less


Travelling has to be one of my top favorite things to do. I think travelling is such an enriching experience. Not only are you thrown out of your comfort zone, you’re also pushed beyond your boundaries. We’re more acceptable to change when subjected to sudden plan upsets. More agile, if i may use the word.

I read somewhere that if one has the money to spend and needs to choose between an expensive gift / holiday, then they must choose the latter. We pick up so much more in terms of culture, experiences and memories to relish. Plus for a photo freak like me – more chances to click pictures! I don’t think there is a line i would draw to the extent i wish to travel. In my case, more is less!

So here is a photo i clicked to capture the western ghats near mumbai 🙂

Image copyrighted.

Easy Friday: Calm

Calm. The feeling we eternally seek. Hold on, one sec. Breathe, slow down. Countless moments revolve around everyone through the day. Yet we find it so hard to center down on ourselves to feel that we’re in control. We constantly want to feel in control, in the know and able to deal with uncertainty. I feel its always better to look for specific times through the day when you’re most likely to loose grip. Counter that time with something that helps.

It could be doodling on your notepad or listening to music. Something as simple as a walk to soak in the sunshine. After all situations really play out on the way you respond rather than react. As this week winds up (been slightly sick through this one) i found my moment of calm in the early morning drizzle today. Looking outside the window, i caught a brilliant glimpse of the sky and that’s captured in the photo above. All in all, as eventful as the weekend will promise to be the mantra is to keep calm & bask in the gentle winter vibe around. Literally.

I think this track by Aphex Twin will go well with it.